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Our Company

After the success of their first venture, Qupi.com the Sowa team put their heads together and decided they could help other Polish businesses to go Global.

SOWA utilise their extensive list of connections to bring the best of Poland to the world’s most lucrative markets in the USA and United Kingdom.


Our Mission Is to Bring Polish Products to the World

With an international team based in Poland, the USA and the United Kingdom, we will provide the ‘missing ingredient’ that allows you to succeed in the American marketplace.


We Love to Assist Innovative Polish companies to Make a Global Impact

Poland’s economy has been steaming ahead in the last decade. Powered by a highly educated and skilled workforce, Polish products like steel, ceramics, vodka and clothing are of an exceptionally high standard. Our love of Poland's products and services is apparent in our passion to sell them to the World.

Meet the Team


He’s a published author and hardened editor. Armed with literary brains of steel; Nathan is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Hachette Livre. Writing has been his forte since age eleven, and to this day he guides SOWA clients in narrative strategy. He continues to advise publishing houses on marketing approach and is an avid traveller and anthropologist.


Ola graduated from Poznan’s School of Logistics in Poznań with a specialization in logistics management. Throughout her career she has applied her organizational skills to administrative and office management related work and has broad experience handling the many complexities of business administration. With a passion for efficiency and interest in workflow automation, Ola helps manage the schedule and commitments of SOWA’s CEO, Damian, as his executive assistant.


Joseph hits the ground running. With a wealth of experience in CRM, and Consumer-side marketing, his baccalaureate in International Business from one of Poland’s Top Universities make him a valued asset in SOWA Marketing. A native of Zimbabwe, and dedicated humanist – Joseph seeks through the arts, to master the mindset of the consumer. We’re certain that he does.


Victoria manages social media and video communications for SOWA Marketing. Born in Southern China, Victoria has studied in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and holds a Masters of International Communications. With extensive experience in digital media, Victoria helps SOWA’s clients engage with millennials and digital natives through witty, entertaining and compelling online videos. Victoria understands that all good storytelling begins with listening, and one day aspires to direct feature films with her own dedicated crew.


Gabrysia is SOWA marketing’s assistant to the head director, Gabriel Rodak. In this capacity, Gabrysia manages a busy schedule of commitments internationally, and assures the smooth running of a complicated operation. A Masters Student at the University of Physical Education in Poznan, Gabrysia is passionate about nutrition and the elements of a healthy lifestyle. She studied in Portugal on an Erasmus exchange where she learned Portugese, and is a committed athlete.


Poznań based Zuza combines her love of languages and literature with a passion for travel and storytelling. A graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University, she is fluent in several languages including English, Polish and Spanish, and honed her storytelling abilities while working as a tour guide and manager of tour company, Walkative. As the Film Promoter for SOWA Marketing, Zuza uses her media and communication skills to bring SOWA’s creative productions to a wider audience.


Agnieszka is responsible for film editing and graphic design in SOWA Marketing. A graduate of Poznan’s University of Economics and University of Technology, she is educated in project management and engineering management. Agnieszka spent her university years working for the Independent Students' Association, where she managed their marketing and was involved in human resources. At SOWA, Agnieszka has turned her passion for film editing into a profession and looks forward to many large film projects in the future.


Max tells great stories. His background in Advertising began on the streets of Sydney, before developing in China, Ukraine, and across Europe. Creating heart-melting campaigns for the world’s most prolific brands – he’s ready to help you share your unique perspective, with any audience. He’s a writer, a talker, and a fine editor. But above all, he enjoys what he does – you will too.


Izabela understands our world. A seasoned former UNESCO official in Jordan, veteran of the Polish Ministry of Education, and Co-Founder of acclaimed medical database QUPI in California – her knowhow is substantial, as is her fluency in multiple languages. With feet in both Polish, and US markets – Izabela realizes the means to succeed home and abroad. Safe to say; we trust her instinct, and unparalleled acumen.

J. T. Madicus

J. T. Madicus divides his time between the United States and Poland. Having run businesses and organizations between the two countries, he has amassed a network of contacts and a sophisticated knowledge of the nature of business between Poland, the United States, and Great Britain. SOWA Marketing helps businesses take advantage of the opportunities that are opening up as Poland’s economy expands, allowing British and American firms to take advantage of Poland’s affordable yet highly educated workforce, and Polish companies to expand the market for their products and services in the United Kingdom and North America.


Media wins hearts, engages minds, and inspires opinion. Barry’s insight of this is decisive to your success. A well-qualified entrepreneur of UK start-ups ranging from Publishing, Design, Marketing, as well as e-Commerce, Barry understands the ins-and-outs of the Online and Offline world. At home in the UK and across Poland, his aptitude is vital.


Damian assesses things much differently. CEO, and Co-Founder of SOWA – solutions have always been his motivation. He’s an analytical creator, Co-Founder of QUPI, with thorough knowledge of our technological universe, mastering fresh solutions for partners and clients. His expertise of the Polish market is credited to his solid business acumen as an alumnus of the University of Adam Mickiewicz, the country’s top management institution.

Global Reach

Extremely well positioned to assist Polish businesses in reaching new audiences and customers.

Our Services


Working with American, British, and Polish Companies.


We've made connections with 50+ companies throughout America, United Kingdom, the EU and Poland.


Our team have collectively worked on 100s of projects in sectors including education, technology, healthcare, and media.

years of experience

SOWA bring in excess of 50 Years of business and marketing experience to the table.