Marketing Services

From social media campaigns to branding and direct marketing, SOWA has the experience and expertise to keep you ahead of your competition.

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Social Media Marketing

Social networking services play a key role in achieving success in the 21st century.
Our team will raise your brand’s profile, connect you with the recipients and build a crowd of loyal fans.
App Dev Icons

Full-Stack Development

The team behind the success of QUPI will build your website or application from scratch, giving you an effective platform to increase sales and revenues.
Digital Marketing

Digital Campaigns

Customer-oriented EDM (Electronic Direct Messages) tools enable direct contact with potential customers, build a fan community and significantly increase sales in both the short and long term.
Direct Marketing

Direct Offline Marketing

Put your product in the hands of potential customers with professionally printed brochures, flyers and direct mail based on demographic data.
Branding Identity Sowa

Building a brand

It's hard to shine on the global scene without a recognizable brand. With icons such as QUPI, Firefly New Media and Future Doc House in our portfolio, we know how to create a message that lasts.
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